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Advanced Injection Mold & Molding

ATK Mold established in 2015, located in Shenzhen city, nearby Hong Kong.

Over years se set up a strong team for R&D technology. Finding the most appropriate plastic manufacturing solution for your project is your goal. As a result, this is what our experienced technical experts & designers made their passion. we are in the

tooling and plastic injection molding industry for years. Our engineer team provides you expert insights about your part.

Beginning with design and manufacturability all the way to flow analysis. Molding your parts and finding solutions to assemble them, including extensive testing to ensure quality.

Who we are

ATK Mold is a manufacturer of plastic injection molds for delivering on time at competitive price, we make high-lever quality mold for auto parts, household appliance, electronic products, office equipment, medical equipment industries by providing a complete solution for development.

Why choose us

1. ATK Mold have plenty experience for design and manufacture for High-glass fiber mold, High-gloss mold, Multi-cavity mold, connector mold, optical mold and 2K & over mold.

2. State of high lever import equipment: RÖDERS CNC, MORI SEIKI CNC, OPS INGERSOLL EDM,Sodick EDM.

3. A strong design team and bench worker team.

4. RFQ will feedback within 24H.

5. Provide outstanding service, timely delivery. 

What we can offer

1. The manufacture capacity is 500 molds for year.

2. Analysis part & mold structure, make a DFM to avoid potential problems.

3. Due to many years of experience and rich resources, we find and develop the most appropriate and cost-effective solution for you. With this in mind, our engineers run simulations and demonstrate how your injection mold will work.

4. Engineer follow up the whole project, control the time plan, weekly report.

5.Between frequent updates and reports, we are manufacturing your mold with high-end machines. For that, we invest heavily in modern Germany, Swiss and Japanese machines. This is the reason why we provide high-precision and short lead times.

6. Scientific molding.

7. Equally important, we had struggles and challenges to learn and master. All this expertise goes right into your project.